800x1100 Pallet with notch

Pallet, mm Type Elements, mm Pcs.
800x1100x122 with notch 27x95x1100 6
95x75x800 3
Art of wood: 27x95x1100: Pine, Spruce;
95x75x800: Pine, Spruce, Birch, Elder, Aspen
Quality of wood: fresh cut, straight sawn, sound knots, no bark,
 wane, mould or black knots.
Nailing according to customer’s scheme,
nails are deepened
IPPC the pallets can be IPPC treated and stamped on customer's request

Pallets are widely used for transportation of goods. Wooden pallets are the most common type of pallets. Our current supply program includes pallets produced according to the above stated specification.